“No person has …

“No person has the right to rain on your dreams.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

That’s something we should never forget. Though while peeking on self respect, we often feel the same as Martin Luther King said. But there are many times that we forget the importance of our dreams for other’s priority – as those others becomes special and important in our lives. No matter what, I have always felt the need of safeguarding our dreams from all, even those are beloved.

A dream not only quenches our thirst of aspiration and ambition but its also a bulk of what we are – our existence. Our career plans, family decisions, educational choices etc are often implanted with peoples choices and social needs, which effects happiness in future. Many people, in their matured life, do not feel hundred percent of the life that they are living. The reason of which they cant even find. They have the love of their life, financial solvency and many other things that they need but still it feels empty. The reason is the dream that never came true for priority changes keeps on craving inside.

Therefore, it is more important to run after what we want rather than what we need. It is about self empowerment above all rules and constitutions.

So lets live for our dreams! Lets live passionately! Happiness will follow!