My opinion on Dance Practices in Bangladesh

Dance still a paradox in middle class society in Bangladesh!


December 11, 2012 at 12:57pm

Dance in Bangladesh has many faces. For mass inhabitants, it is just an element of entertainment and raw recreation inspired mostly from sexual instincts & mere fun. Only for true literates & sophisticated group which is not more than 4% of the population, it achieved a bold title as significant part of our art and culture. For middle-income society, dance is a tamed little hidden hobby reared in most house wives’ hearts for their daughters which was in fact, an unfulfilled wish for herself in younger days. As for mainstream youth, both male & female are enthusiastic towards dancing as a tool to pursue or accelerate a potential show biz career. Though enjoyed by all, dance is still a floating medium of art, the most less approved of the cultural platter in terms of infrastructure & utility in Bangladesh.

Now, I am not trying to prove myself a critic of the society or outsell social stigma. This is the truth which I hope many with honest perspective would agree and it is linked with the reason of why I am interested to dance research & documentation. Despite of many dance forms being performed in Bangladesh as like other regions in Asia, it is call of the time that we give importance to excellence & meaningful dance enactments. It is more about focusing on different forms, creating expertise in learning & teaching, developing effective pedagogy & more importantly helping the local market to grow economically. If there is no commercial aspect of Dance as an art in Bangladesh, there wouldn’t be a scope of scalable & sustainable industry full of beautiful performers. Dance, also should be considered as any other formal commerce platform. It is absolutely possible as for the only requirement is proper engagement of passionate & keen artist or in commerce words, human resource from the society which we already have in abundance. These are simple equations which needs to be solved with the help of proper research, documents, papers & initiatives by any or many functional activists among our generation.

There are 3 points I would like to highlight as the main utility factors of Dance to be realized by our generation:

  • Dance, as a form of art needs to be subjectively distinguished within educational institutions. More emphasis needs to be given in its features, history, types, varieties, custom relation, & the most importantly, as a precious heritage beyond territorial borders.
  • Dance, as a form of entertainment medium to communicate morals, messages, love, chaos etc. Dance is a visual feast therefore it can be & should be used for information dissemination.
  • Dance as form of conduit to bridge the gaps between nations, cultures & grace the path of solidarity. It can work as a chemical agent to bond diaspora society in this age of globalization.

Besides, there are many other aspects & dynamics of Dance as a subject of documentation & research. Our country is still a growing ground for aesthetics of Dance as a complete art form and so is the need for getting involved in writing about it.